Graham Keith Shaw


Engineering Manager

Townsville, Australia

Keith is a highly credentialed Engineering Superintendent with over 10 years of experience in the maritime industry. Beginning his career with Toll Marine in Darwin, Keith later transitioned to Cairns and then to Dampier following an internal merger. In Dampier, he effectively managed all engineering requirements for Western Australian-based vessels.

During his tenure at Toll, Keith played a pivotal role in implementing the Bassnet PMS system across the fleet. He ensured its seamless integration and provided comprehensive training to vessel engineers on system maintenance and database management.

Subsequently, Keith managed maintenance tasks and routine dockings on Cape Class customs vessels for a primary contractor to the Australian Government at a shipyard in Queensland. He then returned to frontline engineering management, overseeing mainly LCT vessels from Darwin and a variety of high-speed personal transfer craft.

Keith’s career exemplifies his versatility and exceptional skill set, making him a valuable asset in any engineering role.

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