Matthew Wiggins


Director – Commercial Manager

Tasmania, Australia

With extensive experience spanning over three decades in Shipbuilding and engineering, Matt has played a pivotal role in the Australian maritime industry for more than fifteen years. As the owner and manager of Shipbuilding companies in Australia for most of his career, he has led the design and construction of more than 200+ vessels, catering to both Australian and international markets.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Matt began his career as an Australian shipbuilder, earning esteemed shipbuilding and engineering accreditations. He swiftly rose through the ranks, overseeing the construction of a $120 million superyacht by the age of 24 and later assuming management (and later ownership) of the entire shipyard.

Matt’s unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that each project meets the highest standards of quality and innovation.

More About Matt..

  • 30+ years combined Shipbuilding experience where he worked within, supervised, managed and/or owned Shipbuilding companies within Australia that designed and built 200+ vessels for Australian and international markets.

  • 10+ years as owner and manager of Crisp Bros/Haywards in Margate Tasmania, where Matt introduced the already established Crisp Bros/Haywards (known only for land based structural steel construction) to the maritime industry, and quickly turning it into one of the most successful Shipyards in Australia and New Zealand, where they specialised in building bespoke ships, workboats and barges for the Australian and New Zealand Aquaculture Industry, including specialty and global first Service Vessels designed for on water processing and operational enhancement, and winning the Work Boat World award for “Best Boat” on several occasions.

  • 10 years with NWBS and Austal Ships as Production Manager and Shipyard Manager overseeing the design and construction of Super Yachts, Fast Ferries and Workboats.

  • In addition, Matt owns several service and maintenance companies in Australia and New Zealand. These companies supply specialty systems and services for both on-water fleet and land-based infrastructure within the maritime and aquaculture industries.

Matt's Work

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