Nguyễn Duy

"Lunch Engineer"

Project Manager


Mr. Duy is an accomplished engineer holding a prestigious Master’s degree in Science in Shipbuilding, a degree in Shipbuilding Engineering, and an impressive 17+-years in shipyard management positions. Mr. Duy thrives in competitive settings, consistently delivering exceptional results under pressure.

Throughout his career, Mr. Duy has held key positions in renowned companies such as Song Cam Shipbuilding Company, with roles have including Vice Manager of the Technical Department, Manager of the Planning Department, and Manager of the Quality Control Department, showcasing his adeptness at overseeing complex projects and ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Proficient in industry-standard software like AutoCAD and armed with strong communication skills in both Vietnamese and English, Mr Duy is a standout professional who’s remarkable career underscores his ability to lead teams, resolve intricate challenges, and drive projects to successful completion with finesse and expertise.

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