Aquaculture Vessels

Our range of Aquaculture Vessels have been developed within the Aquaculture Industry for the Aquaculture Industry through an ongoing collaboration with clients, farmers, skippers and an international group of world leading Aquaculture system suppliers. Our vessels are designed around the system, for optimal use of the system, with flexibility to upgrade, modify &/or future proof the system, and easy tailored to client’s individual operational requirements.

Feed Barge Warehouses

  • FBW 5518
    FBW 6030
    FBW 10030A
    FBW 10030F
    FBW 10030S

Feed Barges

  • FB 200
    FB 300
    FB 450
    FB 650
    FB 850

Harvest Vessels

  • No items found.

Net Cleaners

  • No items found.

Processing Barges

  • PB 60 Hub
    PB 85 Processing
    PB 85 Harvest Sincro
    PB 85 Harvest Stores